Emily Colvin


In March 2019 I received a call from THE Farida Amar who is the heart and soul of one of the most well respected publications of our time, SOVO// Magazine. Through SOVO// I have found a creative community that has raised the bar in my standards of living and loving myself and bridging creative experiences to my peers and deeply allowing me to ask myself where, when and how I will find my audience to inspire. When asked if “Rubber Ducky” was available to hang I had no idea what kind of turf I was walking into. H club, is to say the least the most fantastic outlets to date that I have been able to not only show my work in, but to have the opportunity to participate and collaborate in something so much bigger than myself. The book “h Los Angeles Art Guid” is my first card cover publication and it’s pages are full of each of our stories. For a private tour of this exhibition and a sip by the pool please feel free to inquire. The space is really something to be seen.


h Los Angeles, Art Guide 2019-2020

Art Guid is catalog of the talented artists who hclub has the pleasure of collaborating with and presenting their art. This includes 35 exciting artist that have been commissioned to feature within our Los Angeles bedrooms, making each room truly unique.

All works are available for purchase. If you are interested in finding out more about our art program or a particular piece, contact us at art@hclub.com.



Projects at Large announces its 2019 summer art show.

Emily Colvin’s new series of glass paintings will be on display, accompanied by a playful new collection of glass sculptures. Creating an experience for one night in a freestanding warehouse, in the heart of Los Angeles where she will be joined by some very special performers. Terry Landry is a Saxophonist and composer who has assembled a band of some of the most esteemed mainstays of the recording studios in Los Angeles, and of the concert stages of the world. The Tiki Millionaires music has a sound from the past with long piano riffs and big black holes of seduction on the sax. As their tingly set moves into the evening, they will set the room up for the second performance. Everyone is in for an even more intimate treat. R O B I “Ashley Robicheaux” is a choreographer/movement director and singer/ songwriter. While creating the concept of this show “Tiers of Joy” R O B I’s new works connect deeply into the art psyche, cinematically expressing chapters in the essence of storytelling. Collaborating and reflecting on the different processes we all have and the levels of our stamina at different times is very much how we layer and curate our lives and experiences. SO I am overjoyed (literally) to present one of my greatest friends and collaboration partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with will be present. Amber Dawn is a mix media artist /writer and poet. Her work is a visceral exploration of spirituality & the natural world through poetry and art stepping into a lucid daydream. Selling most of her belongings and embarking on her next journey/book tour I am so happy to announce she will be reading from her first self published book, Invite Mystery Inside. The collection of multi disciplinaries seek to provoke wonder, vulnerability and excitement. Life is beautiful and we are here to appreciate what inspires us. Expressions become the layers of our joy.


JUNE 15TH 2019

7pm - 12am


Tiers of Joy is a multidisciplinary experience highlighting process, balance and clean lines, veiled with paint and broken glass; exploring the serendipitous nature of music, art and dance.


2617 KNOX AVE, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Happy to announce h Foundation is now hosting part of my collection. The paintings include:

“Rubber Ducky” & “The simple Life”

h Foundation

“Launching later in 2019, h Foundation Los Angeles will run flagship programs that actively champion equal access to the creative industries, irrespective of gender, age, race, sexual orientation or background. Members of h Club will also have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of creatives by mentoring young people as they take their first career steps.

We are proud to support and promote local artists. Each of our Club spaces are carefully curated with artwork changing annually, including the artwork on display in our 35 bedrooms. 

In an effort to support the artistic community, all artwork featured in the Club is available for member purchase.

h Club Los Angeles is a members-only club located in the heart of Hollywood. We serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration to our members by building a sense of community, facilitating them to Connect, Collaborate and Create.

As a club, we thrive on diversity and variety.  We aim to reflect the broad culture of our city through our membership, programming and the work of our foundation.”

For information go to la.reception@hclub.com


Featured artist at Los Angeles Fashion Week for the second time to ring in 2019. Supported by SixSummit Gallery and Powered by Art Hearts Fashion.

“The simple life” featured at Sanctuary Fashion Week in St. Johns Cathedral, October 2018

“The simple life” featured at Sanctuary Fashion Week in St. Johns Cathedral, October 2018


Empire Polo Field- Indio, Ca

"Welcome to reflections, where the surfaces of tranquility are thrown back, returning you to the dream state of my process. The paintings are designed to play with light and depth. Creating a multifaceted experience; you can submerge yourself into the painting." -Emily Colvin