Emily Colvin

Artist Statment



Artist Statement 


Paint, it feels pleasingly ingenious and simple. With my art, I want to emulate more mature feelings of vulnerability, excitement, chance, and discovery." Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings, a refashioning of the scheme of things after our own heart’s desire." -William Richard Colvin (Grandfather) 

I paint on and behind glass, using bold colors and big shapes to show off the wonderful energy it can evoke. Journaling through the paint with scratches and washed out colors; multiple imageries and a three-dimensional experience within a two-dimensional process can be found. The paintings have the potential to evoke emotion because glass allows the entire process to be displayed as It's manipulated with acrylic and watercolor paints. Creating many layers demonstrates the need and willingness the textures have to work with each other. Introducing light through the painting, there are installments that illuminate in layered imagery.The layers can be revealed to you in the same way within our experiences with one other. The paintings are interpretations of the powerful ability to forgive and passionately love our surroundings, creating inspiration in obscure places. Life is an art. Time is an art. Many times the paintings accidentally or purposefully are broken, giving me an opportunity to rebuild and explore with even more chance and discovery.