Emily Colvin



What inspired you to paint on glass?

I was experimenting with glass and paint when working on a project called "Dirty little naked bodies". I would use erotic photos and put paint in areas of the body to promote privacy and mystery. Then pressing the image and paint between two pieces of glass it would create sort of a rorschach. The paint looked deep and saturated, It created an abstract meets reality feeling for me. 

While painting, what do you try to achieve? 

Freedom and depth. This always takes me a while to get to. I feel very free but that can make me also feel superficial. Creating the depth for me, I inevitably must lay more and more down. Dig into the paint over and over till its got movement and soul. 

How did your paintings start to become installations? 

I love creating environments, I love interior design. Art has a big presence for me. Its very much the energy that sets the tone of an environment. While working in the studio with Toledo we used resin. Resin is a material that has progressively propelled me into being able to build these paintings into structures that can be incorporated in architectural design. I plan on creating entire environments with these water color and acrylic glass paintings. They are multifaceted beings that will have the effect of tranquility and presence. The art work can be experienced in, under, above and alongside. 

What projects are you currently working on? 

I am experimenting with free standing paintings. Like the paintings, all of us exude auras and vibrations. Why must all of them hang flat on a wall? The idea is to get the full experience and this is a way to explore them in their full presence. I have also recently fallen in love with the way the broken paintings can be translated onto glass blown vases. I am inspired by nature and often seek how Monet captured the drift of mother nature. Allowing myself to use vases I am inevitably setting myself up for a floral collection that just wont quit!

Is collaboartion in your future?

Yes, I am currently working on two collaborations. Amber Dawn and I are exploring prints and paint and strings on glass that involve reappropriating very iconic images that can put quite a conversation at hand. We are taking this project very slow. Making something with someone els with so many different practices could bring the whole world together.

The second collaboraton is with Gretchen Boswell. Having functional art is probably the cooest thing in the world to me. I feel like pushing your art to be innovative and functional is extreamly stimulation for the creative phsyche and two heads are always better than one. Boswell is well known for her ability and enthusiasm for inalling light in her paitning installations. I’d again like to see these “paintings” come off the wall and have a free standing afterlife. So no spoilers at the moment but think of travel, disco, ambiance, and some high-end fabrication you can light up a room with.